Can Marriage Be Heaven?

Marriages are made in heaven, to be lived on earth. A wealthy Roman matron, it is told, hearing about the first chapter of Genesis, contemptuously turned to Rabbi Yosi ben Halafta and asked him: “And what has your God been doing since He finished creation?” “Our Lord has been very busy,” answered the rabbi, “making …

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The Road to Find Love and Marriage

Sometimes the quest for a relationship can be painful, exhausting, heavy, frustrating, grueling, and maybe even discouraging. Instead of searching for him, endlessly waiting, or going on more exhausting and burdensome dates, I invite you to learn a very different way to attract your spouse to you. This way that is rooted in the art …

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Renew Yourself

The secret of renewal is how I,on the one hand value and become stronger in what I am already doing, and on the other hand start all over again to create a new reality and different standards of living. How do you reinvent yourself or make a change to create new reality around you? How …

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